ISBN: 0982700830

ISBN 13: 9780982700839

Publication Date: December 01, 2010

Publisher: Storm Moon Press LLC

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback

Authors: S.L. Armstrong, K. Piet

3.34 of 94

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Nineteen-year-old Aric Reynolds has spent most of his life in boarding schools, summer camps, or on tour as a prodigy with the piano. His wealthy parents have never had time for him, and after a failed year at college, they have decided on a final course of action. Aric is brought to Nikola Jovanovi 's beautiful, sprawling manor in Serbia. Nikola is known the world around as a master in music, unsurpassed by any, but terribly reclusive. For one year, Aric is to be his student, but in the modern day, it is easy for Aric to learn Nikola's secrets. With a dark shadow lurking from Nikola's past and Aric's stubborn, promiscuous nature, the sexual tension between the pair simply explodes, and Aric's very mortal life is held in the balance.

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