Dr. Bloodmoney

Dr. Bloodmoney

ISBN: 0375719296

ISBN 13: 9780375719295

Publication Date: May 14, 2002

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 298

Format: Paperback

Author: Philip K. Dick

3.69 of 5,182

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Dr. Bloodmoney is a post-nuclear-holocaust masterpiece filled with a host of Dick's most memorable characters: Hoppy Harrington, a deformed mutant with telekinetic powers; Walt Dangerfield, a selfless disc jockey stranded in a satellite circling the globe; Dr. Bluthgeld, the megalomaniac physicist largely responsible for the decimated state of the world; and Stuart McConchie and Bonny Keller, two unremarkable people bent on the survival of goodness in a world devastated by evil. Epic and alluring, this brilliant novel is a mesmerizing depiction of Dick's undying hope in humanity.

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