Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

ISBN: 0553446525

ISBN 13: 9780553446524

Publication Date: June 01, 1998

Publisher: Loveswept

Pages: 240

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Karen Leabo

3.71 of 7

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He taught her everything he knew of pleasure, but at what price?

She looked more like a lost waif than a sorceress, Nate Wagner decided as he studied Tess DeWitt, but the intrigued journalist was certain of one thing: this delicate blonde had once been a child witch! When a cursed statue thrust them both into danger, Tess struggled to trust this stranger whose touch penetrated her defenses, whose fierce need echoed her own.  Shadowed by demons, could they find the courage together to face what each most feared?

Casting a spell made of equal parts reckless attraction and tender emotion, Karen Leabo delves into life's most compelling mysteries--and explores the mystical connections our souls offer to those we truly love.  Bewitched by a woman whose special gift tormented her, could a gallant rebel with a cause help her recover what time had stolen?

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