Fool's Gold (Reid Bennett, #4)

Fool's Gold (Reid Bennett, #4)

ISBN: 0684185687

ISBN 13: 9780684185682

Author: Ted Wood

3.92 of 30

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When gold is found in the mountains of Canada, it brings a rush of prospectors, pilots, and men looking to get rich quick. It also brings a slew of dead bodies. That’s when Reid Bennett, the lone cop of tiny Murphy's Harbor, gets called in to help.

The dead body of geologist Jim Prudhomme is found mauled beyond recognition by a bear. Or is it? Bear attacks are more than rare in these parts, and the tracks don’t add up. Is it murder instead? Things get complicated as witnesses cry foul and more bodies pile up, including the reappearance of someone already dead.

Thankfully, Reid has the help of the local police chief out for one last big case. He’s also joined by a beautiful motel keeper and by his faithful dog Sam. But, with gold on the line, the danger might come too fast and furious for our four heroes.

Ted Wood pours out action at a break-neck pace in yet another story of the danger that lies in the wilds of the north.

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