Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

Author: Philip Palmer

3.89 of 9

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HELL ON EARTH is a crime thriller with fantasy elements by the author of radio crime dramas THE KING'S COINER and KEEPING THE WOLF OUT and the SF cop novel VERSION 43.

This novel will take you on a journey through the incense-scented demon-stalked streets of future London.

Ten years ago the sky turned black when millions of flying monsters from the Hell Dimension blocked the sun. That was the day when Hell came to Earth.

Now it’s 2023. Warlocks keep the peace. London is a nation state in which power is shared between human beings and creatures from the Hell Dimension. And murder detective Dougie Randall leads an investigation into an evil serial killer which will uncover a series of interlocking conspiracies, past and present...

This is a detective thriller which is also an epic fantasy by Philip Palmer, author of HELL SHIP and VERSION 43.

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