Quester's Endgame

Quester's Endgame

ISBN: 0886771382

ISBN 13: 9780886771386

Publication Date: July 01, 1986

Publisher: DAW

Pages: 372

Format: Paperback

Author: Jo Clayton

3.96 of 148

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Across the years and through endless star systems, Aleytys had searched for her mother Shareem and for her long-denied heritage - the chance to claim her rightful place as a member of the nearly immortal super-race, the Vrya. Now, at last, Aleytys was about to rendezvous with Shareem for a journey to the secret homeworld of her people.

But even at Aleytys' moment of triumph, she faced her deadliest challenge. For on Vrithian waited Kell, blood enemy, mastermind of treachery, who held an entire planet hostage in fear, and who would not rest until he'd destroyed Aleytys and any who dared ally with her...

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