The Offering

The Offering

Publication Date: November 14, 2013

Pages: 216

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Joanne Clancy

3.13 of 156

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The full moon crept across the sky, spilling light on to the gaps between the trees. The search party pushed their way deeper into the forest. The light from their torches showed them the way.

Laura Kildare walked in a dream-like state, past the barriers and the groups of police officers. The forest was full of strange faces, searching in the wrong direction, oblivious to where Sofia and Ben lay.

She sensed something in the moment before she saw it. A sudden shot of adrenaline pumped through her blood.

Something caught her eye as she pushed her way through the dense undergrowth. It was Sofia’s gold necklace. Then she saw her body. The rust-coloured pine needles had fallen on her like decoration. Laura screamed; her face was the colour of a ghost. It was a gruesome canvas that would haunt her. There was no sign of Ben.

Sofia Sheridan was a French musician who moved to the remotest part of Ireland to forget her past and start again. It was the beginning of everything and also the end...

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