The Smoke Riders (Otherside Tales)

The Smoke Riders (Otherside Tales)

Publication Date: August 02, 2012

Pages: 206

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: S.W. Heston III

3.50 of 2

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Addi is cornered. She fights back a tear. Kevin and his goons have her trapped in Goller's alley, and there's no hope of her escaping with her shiny black shoes unscuffed, no hope of her absentee father coming to her rescue. The bullies snatch her up and dangle her over a dumpster filled with rotten meat. The shoe straps snap, and Addi plummets into otherside, a world of twig warriors, underwater libraries, and out of work dragons. Always the optimist, Addi sees this strange new world as an opportunity to track down her Dad. But otherside has different plans for her. Rumors from the North that plans to infiltrate the coastal kingdom of Brathia. The group calls themselves the Smoke Riders. Addi and her companions trek through wood and water on the way to warn the old King of Brathia of the impending attack. Will Addi learn to stand up to her bullies in time to save Brathia? Or will all otherside be lost in smoke? And what exactly is the Old King?

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