The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)

The Little Lady Agency (The Little Lady Agency, #1)

ISBN: 1416527265

ISBN 13: 9781416527268

Publication Date: September 01, 2006

Publisher: Gallery Books

Pages: 406

Format: Paperback

Author: Hester Browne

3.75 of 24,502

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When sweet, naive Melissa seeks a job with her old Home Economics teacher she is halfway through the interview before it dawns on her that Mrs McKinnon isn't interested in her cookery skills, but is in fact running an escort agency. Melissa panics, but she needs the cash - and what harm can providing lonely men with stimulating conversation over dinner do? More exciting still, she'll get to wear a disguise...Enter her alter ego: Honey. As flirty and feminine as a Bond girl, as confident and sexy as Mary Poppins in silk stockings, Honey brings out a side to Melissa she never knew she had. A side that will get her into hot water, (and out of it) and that she'll never want to lose...

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