Tibet: Life, Myth, and Art

Tibet: Life, Myth, and Art

ISBN: 0760748608

ISBN 13: 9780760748602

Authors: Michael Willis, Joanne Clay, Gail Jones

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Tibet is a richly illustrated introduction to this extraordinary culture, presenting the art in all its glory. Examples range from monumental temples and vivid wall paintings to forests of prayer flags and exquisitely detailed devotional statues of Buddhas, deities, and saints.

The book covers themes that have long preoccupied the popular imagination, including: the intricate, multicolored mandalas, which are a vision of the entire, unfolding universe; the hero-saints, who traveled through Tibet fighting the sprits of the mountains and valleys; the Dalai Lamas, eternally reborn incarnations of the great Bodhisattva of compassion; and the ferocious, sword-wielding, multilimbed gods that act as guardians to the land and its religions. These major themes, and many more, are interpreted visually through iconography, pattern, motif, and symbolism, as well as in terms of their underlying historical and spiritual significance.

A superb addition to any library of art and imagination. Tibet sets new standards in capturing the achievements of a great civilization through the marriage of word and image.

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